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Product name: 3D Atomizing Fireplace |Water Vapor Fireplace |3D Electric Steam Fireplace
Installation environment: embedded
Outer box material: black titanium stainless steel
Water tank material: 304 stainless steel
Operation mode: button/wireless remote control
Atomization method: ultrasonic
Burning time: continuous water burning continuously
Fuel: pure water
Product configuration: stop working protection function after the fuel is used up, the upper and lower limits of the fuel tank/combustion tank, sound reminder, adjustable flame size, device key, short circuit protection

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3D Atomizing Fireplace |Water Vapor Fireplace |3D Electric Steam Fireplace

Why a water vapour fireplace insert?

A real alternative to conventional inserts and traditional fireplaces, 3D cold-flame steam fireplaces have unmatched advantages. In particular, they make it possible to overcome the main constraints of installation, operation and maintenance encountered in fireplaces that use wood or gas. 
It is the subtle blend of three components, namely ultra-fine water vapor, the light from colored LEDs and the creation of different air pressures that allow real colored flames to be obtained with so much realism.
Produced by a “transducer” (or mist maker), the ultrasounds are mechanical waves that will vibrate water (inaudible) turning it into ultra-fine water vapor. 
It should be noted that ultra-fine water vapor (only a few microns) is immediately absorbed by the ambient air. The water vapor does not condense and does not produce moisture on adjacent walls. This is often referred to as dry water vapour. This technical system produces cold flames that are so realistic that it is impossible to tell them apart from traditional flames!What are the advantages of an electric water vapor fireplace insert?
How does an electric water vapor fireplace work? Now, we understood the technical principle of operation, but what are its advantages compared to other appliances?

1- 100% safety

First of all, we can say that the safety of the 3D water vapor fireplace is total. The flames, in fact, are cold and therefore present no danger. It is also the preferred fireplace of places receiving the public (fireplace for hotels, restaurants, businesses etc.). It is also the ideal fireplace for apartments in buildings that do not allow any hot flames in their safety regulations. But it is also the ideal fireplace for families with children that do not wish to take any risk with fire.

2- Modern fireplace without constraints

Secondly, we need to mention the simplicity of installation, operation and maintenance of a 3D insert. This steam fireplace is without constraints and consumes only tap water. This is a very important advantage when one thinks about the difficulties of supplying fossil fuels. On the other hand, it is a modern fireplace with high-tech controls: remote control, an app, buttons on the device, deported control (dry contact for home-automation applications), etc.

3- Ecological fireplace

We can really talk about an ecological fireplace in every sense of the term. Firstly, because it only uses water. And then because a 3D fireplace does not produce any harmful combustion gases. It gives off no unpleasant odours (aromatic compounds related to combustion), carbon monoxide or other polluting combustion residues. The water vapour fireplace insert also has a slightly humidifying effect that is beneficial to comfortable breathing when rooms are rendered too dry by the heating.

4- Economical fireplace

Of course, the purchase price of a water vapor fireplace remains comparable to traditional fireplaces. It is important to realize that its cost of operation is practically equal to zero. This is a huge difference and one that makes the steam fireplace the most economical appliance in terms of its annual cost. We do not hesitate to light a fire produced by tap water.



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