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Choose from a large selection of LED wall packs from Tonya Lighting. Provide bright LED lighting to building entrances, doorways, and building facades with a variety of LED wall pack lights. LED wall packs come in traditional full glass, cutoff, decorative, and slim designs. For doorway applications, mini wall packs are ideal over entrances, patios, and foyers. Other alternatives include LED wall pack retrofit kits to replace existing metal halide bulbs. LED wall packs come in 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K color temperatures and can replace up to 1000 watts metal halide fixtures.

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WP05 semi cut off led wall pack light

LED Light Source: Philips Lumileds® 3030(Cree/Orsam optional)
High Brightness Design:LUXEON 3030 2D: L130-3080003000W2C---180LM/W
IESNA LM-80 Test Report,
Description of LED light sources tested
No Light Radiation Damage:The whole lamp has passed the EN62471 standard and complies with the latest CE standards.
Driver: Meanwell (Philips/Orsam optional)
Dimmable:0-10v/DALI optional
Flicker Free Isolated Power Supply:The wide pressure input power supply 480V can be applied to carious kinds of power grids.
Emergency Lighting Function led wall pack light


Induction method: microwave induction / infrared induction optional
Input Voltage(V) :AC(100-295V) 
Lamp Luminous Efficiency(lm/w) :140-160
Beam Angle:105*55 degree
CRI (Ra>) :80 
Working Temperature(℃) :-20 - 50
Working Lifetime(Hour) :50000
Lamp Body Material :Aluminum Alloy 
IP Rating :IP65
Certification :CCC, CE, ETL, RoHS,UL,DLC

LED wall packs are perfect replacements for traditional metal halide and HPS wall packs, with up to 100,000 hours of rate life and 70% less power consumed, making them a more cost-effective and energy-efficient solution. LED wall pack equivalent wattages include 175 watts HPS or metal halide, 250 watts HPS or metal halide, 400 watts HPS or metal halide, and 1000 watts HPS or metal halide.

Traditional LED Wall Packs

LED wall pack lights with full glass lens have the standard design similar to traditional wall packs. Full glass LED wall packs have a forward throw beam angle so the light is directed outwards and downwards. These provide bigger coverage in lighting general areas, parking lot perimeters, and building facades. Traditional wall packs usually have polycarbonate or prismatic glass lens to diffuse the light outward. Standard LED outdoor wall packs are used more for commercial purposes and applications where Dark Sky compliance is not required.

LED Wall Packs With Photocell

LED wall pack lights with photocell are ideal for dusk to dawn applications in building perimeters, doorways, and loading areas. Photocell sensors allow LED wall packs to light up automatically when ambient light levels become low. Dusk to dawn wall packs have the smaller variety that can be used as security lights for doorways and building entrances. There are also large-scale standard and cutoff wall packs with built-in photocells for commercial purposes. Dusk to dawn wall pack fixtures help save energy by turning on only when needed, and are also low maintenance compared to standard wall packs.

LED Wall Pack With Battery Backup

LED wall packs with emergency battery backup included are ideal for applications that require continuous light even after a power outage. The battery backup typically powers the wall pack for up to 90 minutes at a lower lumen output. LED wall packs with battery packs can be installed above doors, balconies, warehouse entrances, and around building perimeters for security purposes. Use wall packs with battery backup as security lighting especially during emergencies and other times of need.

LED Energy Costs 

The higher the wattage of a light globe or lamp, the higher its running cost. Compared to traditional forms of industrial lighting, LEDs have significantly lower wattage for the same level of light output. That’s why switching to LEDs significantly reduces electricity consumption and, accordingly, your power bills.


Suitable shipyard, mine,workshop,warehouse,toll gate,supermarket,exhibition hall, stadium, etc.

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IES Testing Report

Optical Design
We have a team of professional engineers to assist customers with optical design and can provide DIALUX files.
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