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LED parameter:Philips Lumileds® 3030(Cree/Orsam optional),High Brightness, low decay LED to ensure good performance, safety working current to ensure long life span of led flood light.

Power Supply (driver) features:Taiwan Mean Well driver which meet international input standard;Power Factor is 0.95; Power supply efficiency is 90%.Their protection function are short-circuit, overload, over voltage, over heat, etc. Built-in current limiting circuit, so that output voltage and current can be adjustable. Built-in active power factor correction function to ensure power efficiency.

Heat sink features:Extruding with high quality alloy extrusion, and progressing with special spray; panel use waterproof optical lens, so that its feature is salinity resistance and high light transmittance.

Energy saving:100W LED flood light can replace 300W HPS light; led flood lamps can save 65% electricity.

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FL19 led flood light

Led flood light Light Source: Philips Lumileds® 3030(Cree/Orsam optional)
High Brightness Design:LUXEON 3030 2D: L130-3080003000W2C---180LM/W
IESNA LM-80 Test Report,
Description of LED light sources tested
No Light Radiation Damage:The whole lamp has passed the EN62471 standard and complies with the latest CE standards.
Driver: Meanwell HLG(Philips/Orsam optional)
Dimmable:0-10v/DALI optional
Flicker Free Isolated Power Supply:The wide pressure input power supply 480V can be applied to carious kinds of power grids.
Emergency Lighting Function led flood light


Heat Dissipation Principle of led flood light

Heat Dissipation Principle:International standards Plastic aluminum,Convenction line design fully helpful heat radiation to prolonging the lamp life time.
Sureface Treatment:Positive pole,Oxidize,Sanding,Polishing Treatment all process make smooth surface of lighting and protect yourself during installation.


Why choose a Tonya LED Flood Light?

1.Customized Led Flood Lighting Design

We can produce a free photometric evaluation of your outdoor space to show you how well our LED Flood lights work, what model is appropriate and what optic provides the best results for you outdoor space.

2.Anti-glare Illumination of led flood light

Beam Angle:30/60/90/140*70/70*150/150*80/50*140/140*140 degree,With eight optical lens, led flood lamps realized all the necessary features to handle various tasks in industrial and commercial sector. It helps people work precisely to increase operation efficiency and triple saves energy in engineering applications. 

3.Emergency led flood light Function

It can work on normal mains and automatically switch to emergency supply in the event of a power failure toprovide sufficient light and ensure safe evacuation in emergency situations.

4.PIR Sensor led flood light function

3-step dimming function (stand-by period be set to “10S/1min/3min/5min/10min/30min”)

5.Led Floodlight met Bewegingssensor

6.Waterproof of led flood light

The LED flood light of the waterproof respirator has the advantages of simple structure, low cost and convenient use, and can exchange gas inside and outside the led flood light housing to prevent the water vapor in the lamp housing from affecting the lighting effect, and has the utility of the shock absorbing device to prevent the impact damage. Solved the bulb lighting is susceptible to water vapor.

7. 2800K - 6500K Color Temperatures

We offer StreetLight color temperature options in both 4000K and 5000K. 5000K is a perfect replacement for Metal Halide. 4000K is also an option for those states requiring a slightly warmer light. Other color temperatures available upon request.
Both offer a significant improvement over high pressure sodium lights, rated at 2200K. LED street lights with a CCT of 3000K - 4000K (or a little less) are the best for street lighting in residential areas. The amount of blue light they emit is small.

8.Salt Water Testing

1000-5000 hour salt water tested for marine environments, including container port lighting and naval bases. Corrosion resistant polyester powder coating ensures the fixtures are tough in salt water environments.

9. High Impact Rating - IK08

Each designates a rating of impact resistance. IK08 rated fixtures can withstand impact from foreign objects and materials ensuring years of trouble free operation. 

10. 5years Warranty

Light Maintenance - up to 50,000 hours

LED Energy Costs 

The higher the wattage of a light globe or lamp, the higher its running cost. Compared to traditional forms of industrial lighting, led flood light have significantly lower wattage for the same level of light output. That’s why switching to led flood light significantly reduces electricity consumption and, accordingly, your power bills.


Suitable shipyard, mine,workshop,warehouse,toll gate,supermarket,exhibition hall, stadium, etc.

Reimagine Energy with Tonya Energy Solutions 

Interested in learning more about how led flood light solutions could help move your business forward? Tonya Energy Solutions has worked to create future-ready businesses across World, and can work with you to reimagine your industrial led flood light system. Get in touch today to find out more about commercial LED solutions today.

Optical Design

We have a team of professional engineers to assist customers with optical design and can provide DIALUX files.

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