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LED stadium lights from Tonyalight are the best solution for sports application when comparing to metal halide, HPS and halogen, because of its high energy efficiency. Apart from saving the electricity cost, our lighting for football fields can enhance the users’ compliance.

You can select our flood lighting fixture of stadium having power from 100 to 10000 watt (16000 to 1600000 lumens). Our LED sports lights saves up to 75% energy and lasts for 85000 hours. If you are looking for the high-power flood lights for your stadium, please do not hesitate to approach our engineer to get the free lighting design.

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LM17 led stadium light

Led stadium light Source: Philips Lumileds® 5050(Cree/Orsam optional)
High Brightness Design:LUXEON 5050 2D: L130-3080003000W2C---180LM/W
IESNA LM-80 Test Report,
Description of LED light sources tested
No Light Radiation Damage:The whole lamp has passed the EN62471 standard and complies with the latest CE standards.
Driver: Meanwell HLG(Philips/Orsam optional)
Dimmable:0-10v/DALI optional
Flicker Free Isolated Power Supply:The wide pressure input power supply 480V can be applied to carious kinds of power grids.

Heat Dissipation Principle of led stadium light

Heat Dissipation Principle:International standards Plastic aluminum,Convenction line design fully helpful heat radiation to prolonging the lamp life time.
Sureface Treatment:Positive pole,Oxidize,Sanding,Polishing Treatment all process make smooth surface of lighting and protect yourself during installation.


Why choose a Tonya LED Stadium Light?

1. Renewal Optics,Anti-glare Illumination for Sports Players

With the stricter sports lighting requirements, the quality of our lighting has also increased accordingly. With our 5th generation optic lens, the energy efficiency, effective ground reach lumen, anti-glare and anti-flickering ability have improved by 30%. For the fast-moving sports involving vigorous movement of players and football, we believe our new generation lighting is best fit for all outdoor and indoor competitions.

2. Advanced Thermal Control

Heat sink features:Extruding with high quality alloy extrusion, and progressing with special spray; panel use waterproof optical lens, so that its feature is salinity resistance and high light transmittance.
This system reduces the junction temperature by effectively conducting the heat from source (LED chips) to the circular aluminum heat sink structure. The temperature inside the lamp body and the optic lens are reduced and thus the lights are well-protected. This is the reason why our LED lighting for stadium works for over 85000 hours.

3. Flicker Free Lighting for 4K & 8K TV Broadcasting

Our LED stadium flood light has excellent color of CRI & TLCI > 96, wide color temperature options from 5000 to 7000K high purity lights, stable DC-output power supply to secure <0.3% flickering rate. All these features make our lighting solution suitable for general sports, professional sports & broadcasting, as well as high speed camera broadcasting.

4. Environmentally Friendly and Safe Material

5. Waterproof Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

The best thing about waterproof lighting equipment is the fact that they are can withstand moisture. They will continue to work despite rain and strong winds. 

6. Stadium High Mast Lighting Control

7. Salt Water Testing

1000-5000 hour salt water tested for marine environments, including container port lighting and naval bases. Corrosion resistant polyester powder coating ensures the fixtures are tough in salt water environments.

8. High Impact Rating - IK08

Impact rating is a system from IK01 to IK10. Each designates a rating of impact resistance. IK08 rated fixtures can withstand impact from foreign objects and materials ensuring years of trouble free operation. 

Led Sport Lighting Energy Costs 

The higher the wattage of a light globe or lamp, the higher its running cost. Compared to traditional forms of industrial lighting, led stadium light have significantly lower wattage for the same level of light output. That’s why switching to led stadium light significantly reduces electricity consumption and, accordingly, your power bills.


Suitable Tennis Court ,Football Field,Cricket Field,Basketball Court,Golf Course,Baseball Field,Volleyball Court,Badminton Court,Table Tennis Court,Horse Arena,Race Track,Velodrome (Cycling Arena),Gymnastics,Snooker Table,Soccer Stadium,Hockey Rink,Swimming Pool etc.

Reimagine Energy with Tonya Led Sport Lighting Energy Solutions 

To give you the best solution, we offer free lighting design so as to accurately predict the outcome of the illumination. Our lighting experts are proficiency to handle different types of football stadiums, no matter for recreational or professional ones. We combine the use of various power and beam angle to achieve the bright and uniform lights across the ball fields. According to the height and number of light pole, area of your field, as well as the lighting requirement. To enjoy this service, please feel free to contact us at email

Customized Stadium Lighting Design

ISO Certified Factory | 12 Years of Led Experience | OEM&ODM | Short Delivery Time | Low Defective Rate | Professional R&D Team
Led stadium light samples are available.  Please contact us "" for further details.

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